31st of October is the night of Halloween. It is a celtic celebration of irlandese origins, which indicates the celtic new year, which, 3000 years ago, wasn’t on the night of 31st of  December but rather 31st of October, and it symbolised the night of the god of death Samain.

Legend says this night, ghosts visit the living, and to avoid being haunted, Celts used to wear scary to make the ghosts go away.

But, i mean, come on, what in all the crap does the word Halloween means. Well actually if you look deeper, it actually grows to ‘All Hallows Eve’, which refers to all the Saints.

Okay, that we got, why the pumpkins ?

Originally it was a turnip, so …

Pumpkins grows mostly in October and is easier to sculpt faces and such on.

Since the first of October, families start decorating their houses, with the colors of Halloween, and start planning for the costumes to wear at that night of the 31st, when kids go out, around the neighborhood, in a trick or treat tradition.


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